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David Pietrzak - Hold lyrics

This that real hit, man
Like a fat hipped chick though
I'm rolling up this spliff by hand
Just trying to get a hit though
Want to get lifted and
Keep my mind shifting and
Sifting through the missed hits
Trying to get this hit to hit big
Make riffs and live it with the gifteds
Living as a misfit
Cause for them is what my mission is

[Verse 1]
Ran by those who say
No weed today
As they turn around and a**ign this adderal to all
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Thats a big problem ma'
Everybody packed around
Everybody buying into these clowns
They have the town
All locked down
On prescription rounds
I known im a target now
For thinking out loud
But if we dont start now
They gonna keep the crown


[Verse 2]
No, I told you that I don't play games
It's like name calling is the basis of fame
I already said no games
When I make this I'll be me, not the machine

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