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David Pietrzak - Groupies lyrics

[Verse 1: Romeo Sorenson]
Tell me why I should be the only one who to stay legit
I don't get why I'm the only one who really gives a sh**
You can ask my friends, the only b**h I'm laying with
So tell me what makes you think you can start f**ing another dick

[Hook: daviddd.]
Damn girl I ain't even talking 'bout no marriage
I just need to know I'm the only man that you're laying with
Is that a big problem? I'm guessing that you'll say it is
Forget this chick, she's got another dick
And I'm not cool with it, no I'm not cool with it

[Verse 2: Romeo Sorenson]
Ask me if I'm okay with you hitting these other guys
I'm asking you some sh** and I can tell that what you're saying's lies
Don't get too defensive you know that's when you'll start to cry
And I ain't got no sympathy for a cheating b**h that deserves to die


[Verse 3: Korrect]
No I'm not cool with it
That dude you fooling with
I'm saying screw this sh**
I've already been through this sh**
Don't need no groupie b**h
Think you can fool me b**h
Women always pulling tricks
Probably had a school of dicks
Swimming all up in your sh**
Her p**y smelt like fish
Well I ain't eating that dish
That's like eating bat sh**
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Hoe you can swallow my dick
But you can't be my chick
No more relationships
Now I can't take that sh**
Every chick I'm f**ing with
Is s**ing on another dick
Im done saying I love a b**h


[Verse 4: Ryta]
How'd you think I'd be cool with this
Do you just see me as foolishness
You had three strikes now I'm through with this
You had me like, yea I knew this chick
But I know no hoe and I trust no b**h
I just go my road and adjust my kicks
I wipe my feet, I dont rush right in
You'll never know what you end up findin'
In this world of lies
This house of pain
You're words are lies
You're no spouse to gain
I've seen enough
You're just out to gain
Don't ever come in my house again
Trust is hard to earn
But easy to burn
What teaches the most
Ain't easy to learn
But I've seen the most righteous
How sleazy they turn
How easy they turn


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