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David Pietrzak - Free lyrics

[Verse 1: Japheth Marshall]
I hold my heat like I hold my b**h
Not too tight and by my dick
Don't keep it cla**y
In the ma**es
All my goons we act like a**es
Just to say
f** society that sh** is so last year
Do what we want to
When we want to
What the f** is an overseer
Overseas is how I feel
Cause my ride has s** appeal
I f**ing made it
b**hes I make it
Truly never have to steal
Im not thieving
While I'm breathing
So I never hold my breathe
This life is livid that I'm living
You're a quiz and I'm a test

[Hook: daviddd.]
Man I swear I've seen this before
Those with everything asking for more
While the poor are sent to war
To fight the battles
Make earth rattle
'Til they slam shut the door
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Once every age we see the same thing
Those that have stolen get thrown out the ring
They're thinking jealousy, but there's more we can bring
I won't subsist for a living

[Verse 2: Ryta]
What is free?
To me free is not what I see
We are not US
Meaning this United States and such
We trust the very same people
That take from us
And we don't even make a fuss?

You see they're taking our funds
Working on taking our guns
Which is making our son's
Lives a little harder than us
Hoping they're smarter than us
Hoping innovation is more in their matrix
And they make it farther than us
Hoping we're fathers enough
Hoping this fluoride isn't hydrochorlide
And we die from our cups
Or end up slaves
Stuck in cages
And die in our cuffs

[Hook] x2

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