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David Pietrzak - Breathe lyrics

[Verse 1: Japheth Marshall]
Sitting sideways while I'm loving you
My heart is out the window
I Feel a bitter hole inside
This busy crowded mind of mine
Got me tripping day and night
Marlboros on the ground
Every time I see your eyes
My soul is upside down
Do you even know what you do to me
The f**ing drug I know I need is you

[Hook: daviddd.]
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Somebody's who we could have been
Before you got that brand new friend
Should have brought this to an end
Instead I'm coming back again and again

[Verse 2: daviddd.]
I thought you were different than all the other people
I thought you were listening
Instead you were missing him
No love is not infinite
It's defined between these strict lines
And I'm not feeling it


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