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David Pietrzak - Apart lyrics

[Intro: Alexandrea Altman]
You never knew me
So now we drifted apart

[Hook: daviddd.]
I thought I knew you
Now I know I'm through with you
People getting through to you
Better than I could do
In a car of two
Just me and you riding
Used to be smiling
Now we just lying like we tyrants
And I ain't liking it
In fact it's quite frightening
Like lightening
When it's brightening the air
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[Verse 1: Japheth Marshall]
Everything I did for you
Wasn't trying to buy you
Now I'm driving by you
Like I never knew you
Everything I did for you
I was trying to find you
Looking for you
But I never knew you

[Verse 2: Alexandrea Altman]
We drifted apart
You're breaking my heart
By the words you say


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