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David Ashton - After Tonight lyrics


[Verse 1]
I look at you looking at me
Feels like a feeling meant to be
And as your body moves with mine
It's like I'm lifted out of time
And time again
Patiently I've waited
For this moment to arrive

After tonight
Will you remember
How sweet and tenderly
You reached for me
And pulled me closer
After you go
Will you return to love me
After tonight begins to fade

[Verse 2]
I feel your touch caressing me
This feeling's all I'll ever need
With every kiss from your sweet lips
It's like I'm drifting out of time
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Alone will tell
If you feel the way I feel
When I look in your eyes


[Verse 3]
And time and time again
(Time and time again)
So patiently I've waited
For this moment to arrive


After all
After all
After all
When the morning comes
When the morning comes
After tonight
Begins to fade
(After tonight)
Begins to

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