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David Angell - City Love lyrics

[Verse 1]
I never liked this apple much
It always seemed too big to touch
I can't remember how I found
My way before she came around

I tell everyone
I smile just because
I've got a city love
I found it in Lydia
And I can't remember life before her name

[Verse 2]
She keeps a toothbrush at my place
As if I had the extra space
She steals my clothes to wear to work
I know her hairs are on my shirts


[Verse 3]
The day
She called up and came to me
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Covered in rain
And dinnertime shadowing
And as her clothes spun, we spooned
And I knew I was through
When I said "I love you"

Friday evening, we've been drinking
2 a.m., I swear I might propose
But we close the tab
Split a cab
And call each other up when we get home
Falling asleep to the sound
Of sirens


From the battery
To the gallery
It's the kind of thing you only see
In scented, glossy magazines

And I can't remember life before her name

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