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David A. Stewart - The King and Queen Of America lyrics

[Verse 1]
Well, c'mon darlin'
The stars are burning bright
C'mon now darlin'
Our luck is good tonight
'Cause we're the all time winners
In the all time loser's game
Yea we're the all time winners
And here we go again

The king and queen of America

[Verse 2]
Yeah, it's the king of nothing
And the queen of rage
With a pile of confusion
Upon a glittering stage
You know we never did anything
To make ourselves feel proud
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You know we never did anything
So let's play it loud

Let's hear it for the
King and queen of America

So come on darlin'
There's a big moon in the sky
We're gonna build a little satellite
We're gonna make it fly
We're gonna send it up to heaven
All the way up to the stars
And all of them aliens
Are gonna find out who we are

[Chorus](till fade)
We're talking 'bout the
King and the queen

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