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David A. Stewart - Rebels lyrics

[Verse 1]
Honey don't walk out, I'm too drunk to follow
You know you won't feel this way tomorrow
Well, maybe a little rough around the edges
Or inside a little hollow
I get faced with some things, sometimes
That are so hard to swallow, hey!

I was born a rebel, down in Dixie
On a Sunday mornin'
Yeah with one foot in the grave
And one foot on the pedal, I was born a rebel

[Verse 2]
She picked me up in the mornin', and she paid all my tickets
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Then she screamed in the car
Left me out in the thicket
Well I never woulda dreamed
That her heart was so wicked
Yeah but I keep comin' back
Cause it's so hard to kick it, hey, hey, hey


[Verse 3]
Even before my father's father
They called us all rebels
While they burned our cornfields
And left our cities leveled
I can still feel the eyes of those blue-bellied devils
Yeah, when I'm walking round at night
Through the concrete and metal, hey, hey, hey

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