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Davenport Cabinet - Bulldozer lyrics

You run through me like a bull in a ring
Where I can barely stand up
It's such a rush to wind up on the floor again
The morning bell in the hotel sings the song of our love

Sweet melody fueling us in unison
So we can get up, get out, or get down
Or we can fall asleep until we run right out of money
And we can't stop messing around
I'm obsessed with waking up, I'm feeling irresponsible for

Another night behind numbered doors
With low lights to hide our guilty faces
The questions I have no answers for
Like why am I like this or why do I not feel remorse
Now take me back and give me a little more
Treat me like you've lost all of your sanity
And never speak my name again to anyone

My body hurts and I saw you first
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Our love couldn't be worse
Nothing could take you away from me

I thought the bitter thin noises
Were voices stuck inside of my brain
Just silhouettes of what I'm always thinking of
I empty them out, whistle aloud, and call them by name
Just want to warn thoughts you have no tolerance for

Another night in a civil war
Low highs, control our recognition
We lost structure to feel a little more
Maybe you're right, we should slow ourselves down


We will find a common ground
Will we shed the skin that holds us down
So much to say out loud
Or do we keep the hatred in our mouth


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