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DaveNotti - Step It Up lyrics

My daughter growing up fast I need to step it up
The industry on the crash I need to step it up
These days might be our last I need to step it up
You dig?
Step it up now
I got to step it up now

I remember summer time
Aqua socks at the swimming pool
Singing silly songs on the sunny afternoon
Chasing after bubbles from the bubble wand
Right now it feels like all our troubles are gone
It's just me and my Yo Gabby gabba
Sippy cup sipper tippy toe tapper and her daddy is a rapper
So she knows my moves
She can stand on one leg like I do
And say yo yo yo like I do
When I'm looking at the baby pictures
How could I drop her off at the baby sitter man I'd rather be with her
I can't go for that I'm on my Hall and Oates tip
She was nodding her head to the beat when I wrote this
I want to guide her with compa**ion and wise words
And never criticize her
Offer her correction when she whines and complains
But also take time to explain
Train up my child to the best of my ability
Wisdom from God is what I really need
So humility is natural
I've been humiliated
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But God wasn't ashamed to be affiliated with me
He even initiated
And that's love I got to step it up
I got to step it up that's love
I got to step it up

You know girl if I step to you I'll show you my A game
But I want my A game to be my every day game
I'm not one to play games
I shoot straight aim high
Suitcase stay fly
Still wear my backpack act my age
No I'm not a daddy mac
More like a daddy making mac and cheese
Up in the kitchen
I cook it right for my Bugga Boo
Just called to say hello girl I hope I'm not bugging you
I don't know what to do I want to take it slow
They say when you meet the right one you just know
I got nothing to hide so don't hide from me
Don't play hide and seek don't be misleading
If I need you miss from sunrise to evening
We can bump heads without lying and a cheating
You're a princess because the king adopted you
If that wasn't the case I wouldn't rock with you
But since it's so I'll sow into this miss that's why I'm so into this miss
Get it?
Since it's so I'll sow into this miss that's why I'm so into this miss
Get it?

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