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DaveNotti - d**h In Me lyrics

[Verse 1: Theory Hazit]
Witness the d**h of me in 16 bars
Walk through the doors of Skid Row and you'll see dark
It sounded good to it bump like some canker sores
In the streets I was blazing corn
You could say I had faith no more
Below average never rested on the black Sabbath
Served white zombies like white snakes we act savage
Inside me was a quiet riot dressed in living color
Searching for nirvana I promise I'm like the sickest brother
Needed a cure from the one who was made of veil
You know the lamb of God that took three nine inch nails
Died for me my sisters sister my motley crew
Rose from a sepultura his disciples saw the truth
No Cinderella story all glory to him
Loosing the slipknot that we made toying with sin
Saved us from a mega d**h hell malice and pain
Without his sacrifice that's blindness, Alice in chains

[Verse 2: Braille]
I try to live righteous, it's like I can't achieve it
The sin inside of me is the worst of all diseases
30 below freezing, broken and missing pieces
I'm becoming whole and it's only because of Jesus
Ya'll knew what I was saying before I said it
Raw and authentic
This is how he altered my genetics
The curse came from Adam I inherited d**h
So I'm a nightmare walking when I'm wearing my flesh
It's definite the deficit will be the d**h of us
All sin hated equally there is no prejudice
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Medicine for the sick confess your infection
And get cleansed by the blood
Of the lamb true perfection is him
And him alone on the throne
The risen king received the wrath that was due for me
I'm saved and set free by the cross
Bloody ma**acre the maximum punishment possible
It's not a popular topic I'm talking about the gospel ya'll

[Verse 3: Odd Thomas]
The d**h in me is the resurrection in me
It's the testament of god's perfection invested in me
But the root of sin inside of me keeps on lying to me
And has me dying to my spirit subtly shackling me
Downed and broke but not as bad as I could possible be
Honestly depravity affects the core of humanity
But the fact remains
I'm still blemished and stained
Scarred and left with pain
With really only myself to blame
So welcome to my funeral fit with an open casket
For ya'll to see the drastic ecclesiastic tactics
On behalf of Christ crucified on the cross
That calls the right position, wager my sin lost
So while you're sorta trying to sort it out
Holding your breath
Nothing left getting closer to d**h in a short amount
My advice is to trust in Christ with the broken parts of the heart
And experience life soon after the d**h starts

I saw the d**h in me

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