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Daven "Prestige" Vanderpool - Coco Butter lyrics

Your ebony eyes is heavenly
You like a pearl handle, smooth yet deadly
Smile yo, your style so awesome, like Stoudemire
Crossin' over, lost 'em, you a cobra, I gotta use caution
Perfection, slide like the new GS's
A black butterfly floatin' in my direction
Check it, you and me is like graffiti on walls
You wanna see me, all you had to do was call
And I'll be there, like DEA if they think a ki is there
Yo, ma, I analyze every minute we share
You nice, like uptown Nike's, with powder blue stripes
How would you like, to go out and chill all night
No question, I represent the Q.B.C
But no doubt ma, but what's up with you and me
Yo, your conversation indicated educated
Situations elevated, when I smelled your fragrance

[Hook 2X: sample (Cormega)]
Sometimes it seems that way to live
(Type mysterious, like the mind behind pyramids)
I need you to love, don't you see
(Coco butter complexion, your eyes dead serious)

I don't usually pursue women, I just did 'em
Your style, I jiggin', yo ma, how we livin'
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What you like, drug dealer type, thugs, nice guys
I'm a real n***a, you seem to be likewise
You said I got nice eyes, nah, you incredible
Yo, what the deal, my name is Mega, boo
Aiyo, I came checkin' you cuz bangin' like soul food
I'm stressed in my Lex', you changed my whole mood
I was vexed, semi-depressed, thinkin' on things not worth
Speakin' on, laid back with Air Mac sneakers on
You was movin' so smoothly, your style confusin' me
Mentally abuse me, excuse me, can we connect?
Go to my rest, select a movie to check
I don't got a jacuzzi, but I bet you leave wet
You a goddess, I'm tryin' my hardest
Yo the rims on my ride be retarded, when they gleamin' in your projects

[Hook 2X]

Yo, you remind me of coco butter, your conversation
Don't even come close to others
You got knowledge indeed, word, you got to college in Queens
Your intellect is like bail in Kew Gardens Supreme
Can you please be a part of my team?
I shoot my cream like gun powder, and 9 months you proud of my seed
You acknowledge my dream to live on, I conquered your seat
Yo, boo, you know the drilly on how real it could be

[Hook 2X]

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