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Daven "Prestige" Vanderpool - Big Booty Hoes lyrics

[Intro: Too $hort]
Talk about these hoes Big..

[Verse 1: Notorious B.I.G.]
I got a b**h that s** my dick til I nut
Spit it on my gut and slurp that sh** back up
Ain't that a slut (HELL YEA) she even take it in the butt
f** for bout a hour, now she want a golden shower
You didn't know that we be pissin on hoes, b**h (BEOTCH)
Luke and Biggie straight sh**tin on hoes, b**h (BEOTCH)
Lick your toes, b**h? (BEOTCH) f** no, you must be crazy
Squirt in your face and then I'm Swayze (b**h)
Recognize G, straight up, I can't knock ya
After Big Poppa, f** ALL of Junior M.A.F.I.A
The whole clique, dick s**ed, a** licked
Leave your number by the phone, bring yo' a** on home
I roam in Lexuses and Benzes, the fly way
With the flyest b**h gettin head on the highway (ridin)
My way deep throat on Luke's boat
When the moon rises, I'm cumin in her eyes-es (do it)
Just the way players play
Leave it up to me, I get f**ed all day (yeah)
s**ed all day, smokin blunts, countin cheese
f**ing b**hes til they a**holes bleed
What you say ba-by

[Hook: Too $hort & Biggie 2x]
[$hort] All I want is hoes, big booty hoes
[B.I.G] Check it out, here's another one
[$hort] All I want is hoes, big booty hoes
"Don't take em to the crib unless they bonin"

[Verse 2: Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh.. uhh..
Biggie bag b**hes from barbecues to barmitzvah's
The big don't fit, use your lips cause.. (use em)
I'm feelin kinda itchy for a quickie
Don't take off your coat, all you got to do is lick me
Me eat you, I beat you, then greet you to the door b**h
Cause I don't love you no more
Which one of these hoes in the lobby wanna slob me?
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You know me, I like my dick Brown like Bobby
In the duke shoot, then the b**h get the boot
Unless she lick a** and blow dicks like flutes
I like em cute, round tits and fat a**es
Educated, so I can bust off on they gla**es
I wanna cum on your tongue and gums, all night
The b**h drink nuts by the pint

[Pre-hook: Too $hort]
Drink it b**h!
All of these hoes do that sh**


[Verse 3: Too $hort]
It's after midnight, it's time to come up
f**in with some sluts tryin to bust a nut
I ain't seen this many hoes in a long time
I wanna make em all mine (get down ho)
But it's gettin kinda late, and I cain't wait
b**h f** a first date
I pulled out my dick, she called me rude..
.. but then she ate it like food (tramp)
Then she noticed the limp and the whip
Recognize game, you've been pimped by a pimp
Throw all that trick sh**, out the window
You come up short tryin to doubt the pimp ho
Too $hort baby, straight from Oakland
Ho money is my fix and I can't be broken
Freak b**hes all on my dick
We on some Brooklyn - Oakland, California sh** (beotch!)


[Outro: Too $hort]
You knew I was a dog when you met me b**h (BITCH)
Ha ha, fo' sho' (YEAHH)
Tell you anything you wanna hear right about now
To the spot, that's where we goin baby
See we goin to the spot
Do our thang like we always do
You ain't know?

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