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Dave B - On lyrics

Repiecing it together,
I got no time or energy for no people who ain't ever - came through.
And ain't no amount of money ain't gon' ever change you.
And no amount of money in my pocket ain't cool.
And we just k**ed the show they still be asking "Dave Who."

All I really want now,
is something real cause I feel what these b**hes telling me it ain't true.
Hol' up.

My chick say I spark too much
I think she talk too much.
I think we gotta find the balance.
And we don't often trust so when you f** with us,
No all that sh** you say it matters.

I keep my eye on the sparrow
Lord know I need that dinero.
They countin' on me won't be counting to [?] now we'll read about what isn't failure.

Yeah, yeah yeah
No no no, no no
Yeah, yeah yeah
No no no, no no

Yeah, someone that's right you know we know we got it popping.
Whole squad here wanna see me win girl losing ain't an option

I gotta be on
I gotta get on
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It been too long
I gotta be on
I gotta be on
Baby sing my song
I gotta get on
I gotta be on
It been too long
I gotta be on
I gotta get on
Baby sing my song, yeah yeah.

Who them bum n***as that you trust?
Who them bum n***as that you listen to?
I gotta be the one i'm the prince.
Got the drive and the vision too.
It doesn't work then I just use it for the interlude.
She come put a finger on it like its [?]
I'm all under their skin.
Got 'em in their feelings, got 'em where I want them
Never [?]
Call the [?]
Sneaky, I don't even want them
No more.

Die checks come and go show up in the slow I learned how to be patient.
When you got all in that messy you still stressing bout it don't longer make sense.
You the only one that I believe in baby.
Cause you the only one that see it crazy
So far from where we wanna be
It ain't far you can come with me
And I put your a**--

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