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Dave B - DTRT lyrics

[Verse 1]
Analyze everything
Observe it all, you heard it all didn't it
She want to f** a rapper, but heard they all ignant
Maybe it's because my pigment, that the pigs get
Hella shifted, like a game of pigskin
42 fake a n***a all from young, black, and gifted
Corny skeezers never get to listen, never get the message
Tie it to my name like a press kit
Sure the flow is rather impressive
Different then what you think, I think
Im like Hakeem Kareem, either way it's a hook
And I ain't use me no ink
What if a black panther has a master, does he father all of us
Am I not a product of these n***as that I fall with
Stupid n***as choose to break the law when
Gotta do the right thing, wonder what the night bring
Might sing tales of a couple young Haylians mobbin'
Tryna get it poppin'
Way I rap to baby put that a** right in a coffin
Coughing from the haze
We talk sh**ty, but we dreaming about better days
Hella amazed at every word the boy said
Dreaming of living colored grindin' to stay ahead
Now that one felt good

[Verse 2]
Alright, Check!
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Now who'd of thought that making words my pa**ion
Accessorize words like fashion
Exercise verbs like run, skip, jump, f** over these rappers
These non mother f**ing factors, uncommon denominators
Abomination of some real n***as
Because these, quote, trill b**hes don't know how to deal with us
Im livin' proof, 92' and beyond
It's still spitters, R.I.P to the legends
Long live my bredren
Now everybody talkin' cool, ain't nobody got the juice
Ain't no n***a ever pluck that ba** like my papa do
Had a broad break the tree down, and said she be mine
But I knew I was [?] back [?] when I'm textin' with T9
See I'm feline, attracted magnet like Demons
I be your girls best friend, right here to the end
Whirlwinds come but couldn't tip us off our axis
Was brag to speak the truth and spit the gospel to the ma**es
We grind to get ahead like forward lateral pa**es
Need that higher collateral, tax us
Nah I'm just playin'
I'm sayin' if I was more use to prayin'
Less use to smokin'
And more use to takin' my time, perfecting this rhyme
Lyrical homicide, so when I spit it's a crime
Like I'm telling you I did the deed homie, smell the trees on me
Eyes low, I know, I go hard as winter pipes go

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