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Dave Allen - Bird Mad Girl lyrics

This girl has got a smile
That can make me cry
This girl just burns with love
She's burning burning deep outside

[Chorus 1]
Night time night time
Sets my house on fire
I'll turn into the melting man
I'll lose my life
To feel I feel desire

[Chorus 2]
Oh I should feel
Like a polar bear[x2]
It's impossible

[Verse 1]
She flies outside this cage
Singing girl-mad words
I keep her dark thoughts deep inside
As black as stone
As mad as birds
Wild wild wild
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And never turn away
Sends me all her love
She sends me everything[x2]

[Chorus 2]
Oh I could be
A polar bear
Oh I could be
A polar bear
But it's impossible

[Verse 2]
I try to talk
The sky goes red
I forget
So fill my head
With some of this
Some of that
Some of every word she said

[Chorus 1]

Oh I should be
A polar bear
But it's imposible

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