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Datfootdive - Sky Appears lyrics

[Verse 1: Apollo]
How can I say this without sounding like a queer
Thoughts suddenly appear when ever you are near
Saw you all the time in my sophomore year
'Til you randomly suddenly just disappeared
Skylar, Daniel, Sky the Fly Guy
Stick Master, ModernBlackGuy
Different names with different and various alias
Came into my life man so spontaneous
Sorry, if I caused any emotional pain
When I threw food at you while you danced in the rain
Think, at the time man I didn't know you
Everything changed when you became the Charles Drew
Walking home from school, starting to get bored
Then I hear you say that you listen to Lorde
I looked at you and man my emotions soared
The rest of the way we jammed out to Tennis Court
16 bars yet I'm still flowin'
Sky on my mind keeps me still goin'
Never ever wanna see him go away
Wait a whole year and see him for like one day
So sad, when ever I see that he is leavin'
Only get to see him just for one weekend
Wait is that Skylar's door that I hear
I fight my emotions like its name was Berryyear
He's getting more near
And that's when the thoughts they appear
Now Sky

[Verse 2: coopsology]
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Skylar Campbell when I first met you
You weren't yourself you were Charles Drew
Even though you were acting I saw through it
I felt like you were something else and I knew it
But there's one thing you need to know
You don't smell like a PetCo
A modernblackguy is what you were to me
Until you chewed Charles up and showed your true identity
Stick Master Skylar is here to conquer all the
Cities, states, kingdoms, colonies and set 'em on fire
Make a statue of himself outta stone
Then sit upon his glorious stick twig throne
Our rhymes are outta hand and we need a bar net
Nevermind we're ownin' it like Nathan Barnatt
I was heartbroken when I heard that you had to go
I would still see you every week or so
It doesn't matter separated from my bro
And that for me, was not neat-o
Where is Skylar when the power goes off
And where'd you go on a 10 o' clock walk
These racial slurs are pulling us apart
Why do I do it, I know that it's dark
It breaks my heart when you depart
So much that our time together feels like time apart
Thinking 'bout impressions makes me mad
Say you want this and D-Da-Dad
Even though this line makes me sad
Me and you have better chemistry then Breaking Bad
So stick with your plans and play your cards right
Because we're not watching the Game of Thrones tonight

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