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Datfootdive - Past Tense lyrics

[Verse 1: Kuro Silence]

Evaluating this sensation is so complicated a conversation between past and present demonstrated that current status here could never have been estimated it went from Disco Rap to Hip Hop and the fans related Rapper's Delight to Native Tongues and everything alike that includes Tribe, Black Sheep, and Queen Latifah's mics then on to Common with Mos Def and now it's Kuro Si I guess it's Kuro's time yeah this is Kuro's night I'm listening to Low End Theories waiting till midnight so the Marauders catch a listen to this Kuro rhyme, Award Tour, Rapture's Delight take me to better times wishing Anita Baker'd let me sample a couple lines but that don't matter cause we always keep an Ill Vibe like Busta rhyming with Q saying The Coming times Three MC's on Gravity would k** with your mind with ease so listen please I got a method like the man holding Alicia's Keys f** this new sh** that's got our women taking E's I stick to Busta and La Soul telling who I'mma be the stakes is high with Brother Beats talking bout that N.T. Where Are They Now? Is asked by Nas featuring Mike G, but Das Efx had dope effects changing like magic see and if the fools ask for it I won't grant them amnesty talking bout crimes against hip hop and other travesties

[verse 2: Kuro Silence]
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Don't call it come back I ain't never left we're known as Off Center cause we're always pushing left just listen to the talent that me and my crew posses I'm taking every title blowing up leave you distressed these lyrics murder so I guess that I'm under arrest and if I ain't then faking rappers die before I rest I k** the competition on that note I do not jest I must keep fighting to ensure that you know I'm the best

KS and Datfootdive, ha

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