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Datfootdive - Dear Atsuko lyrics

[Intro: D-real]
Wow, is this real?
Could there such a girl with such afrocentricity?

[Verse 1: D-real]

Brown sugar, Nubian queen, ebony goddess, girl you the hottest
From your bodacious hips to you pretty blond puff, you ain't gotta glare girl, I know your tough
Proud, bold, and seductive enough to have any man hot by your touch oh
My dear Atsuko, I'm sure you ain't seen flames like this since prince Zuko
Spark to yo lighter let me compliment yo fire, with your blue collar attire all I require is you
Ironic you got a badge cause girl I'm copping feelings, but somehow you really don't give me that copper feeling
I'm just hoping somehow this cop a feel in the hole in my heart I was cuffed from the start
Had me locked in yo gaze, flustered amazed for the look on your face had my heart in a race oh
Who'd ever thought I'd fall in love with 5, 0 get with me I'll have you saying more than 5 ohs
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Oh me, oh my, oh gee, oh gosh, oh d, oh god and to all those fakes au revoir
Goodbye to past, last name Jackson girl I know you're bad, honestly I had thoughts of pinching yo a**
Oh sh** sorry I know I'm vulgar, attracted to rumps girl its in my culture
Oops I meant nature damn girl you player, giving game from the waist up
Body language enticing, can't really think girl, um lets talk about day to day girl
You say Michiko is bad for your health, always funking up your life girl she such a stinker
She gets around town damn she's such a swinger always being a jerk damn she such a wanker
Well ya looks like a one two punch your such a dinger, knock-out beauty hoping one day that you call out to me
Like lets go boogie,know no need in you playing hooky, come get a piece of this cookie
I know that you want this nookie, now show me you not a rookie oh
Umm look I'm sorry jambo please don't go rambo girl you know I ramble
I'm just a vandal, who's looking for love, so I'm giving you chase
A slap to the face and a kiss on the cheek
She whispers to me ima give you what you asking for, no question grab my bag and go
Once again so my fans ah know
I Introduce, my dear Atsuko

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