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Darren Allison - Cinematic lyrics

I can see cocteau dining with pica**o
I can see warhol photographing nico
Yeah yeah yeah
I was never there
I only read the book
I only saw the film
I only dreamed the dream
Until you and me...

I can hear bukowski
Read aloud to john fante
And there goes allen in love with manhattan

You, you and me
We're some kind of stars
In some kind of film
In some kind of love
And the stage is made of
These streets we run down
And the beds we love on
Remember this when times get tough
And times are tough
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So you reckon pasolini
Was in love with fellini
Yeah, well tell it to the landlord
As he's kicking down our door
And it's so chic to be poor
And we should speak french more
And i'll be quoting poetry
When they finally sentence me
No, no, no

We were never there
We only say the play
We only watched the film
We only dreamed the dream
Until you and me...

Let me put my arm around your shoulder
You've been down
Tonight we're looking older
Let's buy cheap booze
And run through these backstreets
You be cleopatra and i'm mark antony

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