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Darla Farmer - Tree On A Hill lyrics

This is something that I don't need
I can't believe someone left me here
Along to lead
And how can I guide if I'm also blind
How can I see when I bleed
There's these days
That have been marked as my own
It's the day
That I'm packing up and leaving for home
I found out it's a lie
That I could not decide
So I'm choosing this day for mine
I wrote you this quote in a letter
Hoping what someone else said
Would make you feel better
I heard you just cried
And I think I know why
How could you smile
After all this has happened
I took my bible and i climbed up that hill
And I said "let my will be done"
Because I'm bigger than these bullets
And I'm stronger than this gun
But today i will be pulled up into the sun
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Now my vision starts to blur
And i can see only one color
What a beautiful feeling
I can't believe that this is what I'm seeing
And the mirror shows that my brow
Has been painted red
All of the sudden the calls were sent
For the doctors and the lawuers
And the friends he had met
And he'd taken his gift
As some sort of myth
Like a story that he had once read to me
I stood at the base of a tree
With my mother
When mom came down and she said to me
"This all that we get
And some just have nothing left
So take what you got boy, Now run"
Now my vision starts to blur
And I can see so many colors
I think it's funny how they run together
The picture twists and I can see forever
And the mirror shows that his brow
Has been painted red
Red Rum

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