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Darla Farmer - Tommy Bones lyrics

I was a cheater and a liar
And i didn't get by
On my words alone
I knew how to talk to people
And get what I want
I'm a dog
So why don't you throw me a bone
But that was so long ago
It won't happen again
I got a hole in my pocket
Shotgun in my hand
And I'm chasing a fiend
I got a warm and fuzzy feeling
Deep inside of my brain
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Oh I think you know what I mean
But that was so long ago
It doesn't happen anymore
Don't like the riches
Or the snoodies
I think they're all rude and you know
I don't care for fools
I was a smoker and a drinker
And a fantastic thinker
But I'd still take a piss in your
Gold plated kidney shaped pool
But you know
That won't happen anymore
Because I'm dead

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