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Darla Farmer - The Quotient lyrics

The sun is a guise
For all of my favorite lines
Filled up pockets and
Sugar dropped upon everything
And the discord at the door
Will disappear by spring
A face has been revealed
The moon wishes he could steal
A kiss from the day
And evade and outweigh
His Arcadian play
Until his face
Has finally been concealed
A division has been shown
The gap has finally grown
After being well fed
And sleeping in my head
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With all the wishes and dread
This is the forest
From the seeds that were sown
I am surprised to learn
The whole world is disgusted
The day is a diamond
The night is an eccentric mess
The city is a sedative
My bed is an address
The words that I speak
Are upside down and in my teeth
Twisted and tangled
Necessary to repeat
Every resolution dies
With every revolution made
Now my face has been concealed
And I seem to have misplaced

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