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Darla Farmer - The Cow That Drank Too Much lyrics

Love was written on a bench in a park
The author aimed and struck his mark
And let his pen ignite and spark
A display of words in red
The birds congregate
And perch in the trees
About how to be effectively free
While a child drowns her anxieties
In a vice found around her head
The television begs and it screams
To be heard and believed
And the waves I received
Are much too frightening
The evidence was placed in my hand
It constantly contracts and expands
And obeys all explicit demands
When suddenly
Everything is fitting perfectly
Now that I've seen the mystery
Been left this new perspective
Trying to define the objective
Solitary actions have their own cause
And every action deserves a response
But half of my actions are flawed
In this dreaded divide
I awake and nothing is at it seems
I've been affected by a horrible dream
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Or perhaps just a dead memory
It's hard to decide why
Everything is falling poignantly
I see her face dividing me
In sleep I am not safe
I wake to think I was not dreaming
In the morning it falls away like rain
In the morning the dream falls away
Like rain on a semi-annual parade
I'm the patron that gets washed away
Down the drain
By the rain
Good luck with making evening plans
I fell in love with using idle hands
I seem to collapse
To their every demand
In the weakness of routine
So I separate my dreams
From the truth
While I provide myself
With positive proof
And I discover what it is I can lose
So suddenly
Everything is falling fatefully
I see the past is chasing me
Must meet her while i sleep
And face the truth
In between every dream

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