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Darla Farmer - Mechanical Thoughts lyrics

My head is filled
With mechanical thoughts
That burst and spilled
In several trivial spots
I tried to eat
Every word that I could
But I moan and retreat
When I misunderstood
Your anxious voice
And steady words
Are hammered out
As the engine turns
A question weaves
In my mind I a**ume
The perplexity heaves
Something is caught in the loom
Show me what I can toast
Inside this routine
My mind is but a ghost
My body, a machine?
Your anxious voice
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And steady words
Are hammered out
As the engine turns
Your patient voice corrodes
And steady words explode
But they're just delivering
These thoughts from the machine
I watched the bride marry routine
And she walks down the aisle
On a track that remains to be seen
Her hands hang and flail
Like they're tangled in strings
And her thoughts keep on pacing
Through her mechanical dreams
She's flushed with funtion
And her motor is clean
So now I strive
To become a well oiled machine
That's what I want to be
All shiny and clean
I can't wait to be
A well oiled machine

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