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Darla Farmer - Dirty Keys lyrics

The beasts begin to roar
When the audience
Firsts walks in through the door
Nothing to be seen
Except the leader standing
And he's standing in the middle of the ring
He raises his hands
You can hear
The cry of the drunken circus band
Then the silence simply floats
But it's broken
By the bands first filthy note
The elephants trumpet wails
But the tone is stubborn and stale
The bashful lion drops
His cymbals to the floor
While the triangle is played
By some curious bearded whore
Then the king of the thieves
He smashed his hands
On the dirty piano keys
Can you?
You can hear him scream
And his melody is calling for me
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Then the instruments fall down
Followed by the cackle
Of a drunken choir clown
The conductor drops his microphone
In horror he gasps
As the audience starts to go home
But the exits are blocked
And the crowd can't help
But looked shocked
A dirty drunk band creeps upon them
They look sorry
Because they know it's the end
The tiger is grinding his teeth
And the elephants
Were stomping their feet
A murmur in the band
Starts to grow and grow
And it's ended by the screech
Of a solitary, lonely crow
Then the crow took flight
And the crowd just closed their eyes
But when they were opened
The band was gone
And nothing was left
Except this dirty drunken song

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