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Darla Farmer - Big Accident lyrics

I can't take these whiskey whispers
But when your drunk
What else is there?
In this cathedral full of songs
I was flipping through the hymnal
When I saw something incredible
It was the morning
In it's glory
And all the creatures awoke
And they started their day
In a routine they performed
In order to get paid
Except I needed redemption
And a little expansion
Because the night before
Was too hard to control
And I think I'm going
To do some more
I can't take these blond haired girls
Living in their f**ed up world
Of c**aine decay
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But I think I know how they're feeling
Their whole life is a movie screening
We need approval from the crowd
Once the movie gets out
And the script
Wasn't performed properly
And there was no development
Anyone could see
So i guess I'm doing this poorly
All this progress is pointless
But I'm making these changes
I won't act on these stages
Because we're going
To keep on singing
Until our throats are bleeding
Then we'll plan something big
Yeah we'll plan something grand
And we'll just pretend
That it's an accident
It's an accident

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