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Darla Farmer - The Apology lyrics

We have sung so righteously
Since the day we stole away
And dreamed
Of what our plight would be
On these blooming days
What will be denied
By the riches
From which we have derived
By the dreams we won't negate
And since the count cannot subside
Will you negotiate?
I can't eat off your plate
If I haven't paid
The price of your estate
But will I go unfed
Avoid what has become innate
When i see no offered bread
What did I expect
There's no desired effect
Now I am subjected
To my proposed direction
I did not flee
I am not blind
I just untied
My tongue from the line
You cannot hold
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What you cannot find
So I yield before
The undefined design
I try to get
Above myself
Only to greet
My indolent wealth
While I strain for
The bottom shelf
My anima falls
Under failing health
If the stone does turn
If the moon turns red
I will inject myself
Myself with regret
The sky will split
Where I cannot tread
And I will remain
To fulfill my debt
And if that day
Does finally come
And I am not a part of the sun
Then i will plead
Unworldly pardoning
If I deserved
Empyreal Sympathy

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