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Darky - Chaos theoru lyrics

U can vision these positions planning just to k** a guy

No need to plan to k** a faggot i just improvize
Surprise surprise hoe imma let u guess who !

Its the one n only devil born just to f** u !

Arabic line

Arabic line

Get ur whole crew against me u will never reach the best league

Its a fact that im the realest n u ain't worthy of being called an emcee

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Faggot who u f**ing with ? i can stand infront of a president

N rise my finger high screaming f** the government

N talk about the guns like it was roses making fun of it

Ur facing devestation with a tongue never spoken under it

Im the type of rebel that had learned to never quit

I threw my crown to the clowns just to have some fun a bit

Arabic line

Arabic line

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