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Led by guitarist/vocalist Emperor Nattasett, Darkwoods My Betrothed have helped to bring the Black metal sound to Scandinavia. Formed in the spring of 1993, as Virgin's Cunt, the group continues to combine songs about ancestors and Norse gods with electrifying, to power-driven, arrangements, creating a new style of music, that they call, Viking metal."br /br /br /br /Recording their first demo, Reborn In The Promethean Flame, as Virgin's Cunt, the band changed its name to Darkwoods My Betrothed before recording their second demo, Dark Aureoles Gathering, in the winter of 1994. Embraced by the underground scene, the album attracted the attention of South Korea-based label, Hammerheart Productions, who signed the group to a record deal. br /br /Their debut album, Heirs Of The Northstar, released in late 1995, revealed a much different band than the previous demos. Rather than expanding on the cold, depressing, sound of the demos, Darkwoods My Betrothed showcased a more-atmospheric, new age-like, sensibility. br /br /br /br /Returning to their early roots, Darkwoods My Betrothed, turned up the juice with their second album, Autumn Roars Thunder, in 1996, which featured energetic, uptempo, tunes. Their third album, Witch-Hunts, recorded in 1997 but not released until a year later, remains the band's darkest recording. Although ba** player Haxenmeister left the group in the summer of 1996, he continues to co-write songs with the band. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide

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