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Darkwater - All Eyes On Me lyrics

You watch my every step

Is this never enough
How I've been at your feet
Oh, to satisfy you
Must I bend 'til I break

Don't stare, don't stand so close
Don't let me catch you touching me
I know just how it feels
Almost like someone judging me

If I act on my own will
How am I to be trusted
Just you watch, and I'll fail you
Just turn the lights upon me

All Eyes On Me

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Good thing you're still around
I need you watching over me
Don't go changing your ways
I need you to watch my every step

What do you think you know about me
And my reasons to leave you behind
This loneliness surely is mine to control
For once something that's only mine

So stay on your side this time
Don't come near me again
Never touch me again
I don't want to be near, I don't want to be near
I don't want you near me, I don't want you near me

Don't stare, don't stand so close
Let me believe you're leaving me
You're still making me feel
Almost like someone touching me

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