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Dark Time Sunshine - Believeyoume lyrics

[Hook: Onry Ozzborn]

Its as if they walk in Slow, Mo.. (Wow)
Look at them laughin from afar, woof (Wow)
Get any closer and you'll have to stay awhallllll
Hold up your blinding me as if, to shimmer
(Diamond Skin doodoop Wow)..Incizorz & synthesizors & stethascopes
We here with bells on, gona show you the ropes, I hope
My leap of faith provokes a Pope, like, following
The cult of personality follow me, mind altering (tweet tweet)
Choking when you attempt to speak to me
Choking when you attempt to speak to me
Choking when you attempt to speak to me

[Verse 1: Onry Ozzborn]

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Better believe (believe you me)
This a feeling that only Kings, and Queens (geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet)
After this you may put a Lord, in front of your name
Or maybe Sir cuz this a knighting ceremony for the or (daaaaaaaaaaine d)!
Entertainment provided by..
Dark, Time, Sunshine the black.. rays of the moon, light
To.. headed jester a harp, player lagoon like.. dine tonight, with us we bout to make the mood (riiiiiiiiight)
Till nothin left I M.a G.M.T my animosity
Pours out with sugar just a spoon of me could Cure you (cure you)
Make you see them blurrs too
A tingle on your spine without the swallow being sub, dued...
..Praises are all do..
Anarchist voodoo..
..wit out a gold toof
My gen res proof..
That I could leave this room without ac tu ally leaving dude...(believeyoume)
Yah need to stay tuned

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