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Dark Time Sunshine - Valiant lyrics

Cathedrals labors loathing, leaving the lookers soaking,
Pipes smoking litter in church, valiant and thought provoking.
Constantly noble, constant noble, portrait of persona,
Let it in your memory and leave you rotting without a stutter.
No churly g, not a sequel, not even one love,
Not even zero negative one, a crying dove.
A principality morals, maybe your standards might even make you
A matter of fact, exact from granduos.
So much for being famous if you take that rot road,
Don't touch that seen in scandals, a blind man hold his hand and go.
And then come back and tell them villagers all,
Only to lead them to the slaughter, contain perhaps a metal rope.
First figure ankes the body of Christ and all almight
Tie up your horse before the night falls, can stole your wife,
Or your significant other or just yourself.
Tie us up in feud, why don't you perch yourself up upon yourself?

You caught the royalty, let me see the shadow,
You had this, brought us, cause you blinding.
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And we'll build our empire, and we'll build our empire,
And we'll build our empire.

We're at the horse and cherry, your race is blowing these rooties,
You have a corpse bride pace around, throwing you cooties.
We do a barrel repellar, constant make cloth,
You've a body that defound with a mound of it all,
Lost it for granted to finally figure out how you were done in,
Meanwhile we met your pal in its worse, you spit its thin.
Able to be process within text,
You never actually get a grip of my lithium spit, saliva acid trick.
f** off you fashionista, all of the twist bombs,
You're stanly Krueger stupid, you drug palms,
Rikki Sun, Alex and all hoes and walks in arrogant gems,
We dark humor at boths you're funny? Yes, man
They all resemble what we bring to the table last supper
For that day I spent.
The world is flat so they fall off to act on a crucifix nail.
Only to wake up in their own personal hell to go through,
But you already put us through that with that music you do.

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