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Dark Source - So Many Thoughts lyrics

I dont know, let me think for a minute while I sip/
something strong and take a ride on an imaginary trip!
From the beginning it was all love then the game changed/
and started speeding like hustlers, living life in the fast lane!
Now I'm in a different world and don't know what to do/
So many options which one will I choose first to help me make it through?
Settle down, focus, read then apply
what I learned before I burn in this hell before my eyes!
Will I die? Wrong question, keep it moving, carry on...
There's nothing I should fear but God" tell me if I'm wrong!!
No religion fighting atheists, a product of a broken home-
introduced me to the streets where everybody play for keeps!
Searching for the right dream observing through this wickedness....
Sleeping in my clothes, waking up around my foes!
This is crazy now my heart's cold, I'm here but see my minds gone"
Still carrying my cross/pondering with so many thoughts! Hook On the edge of a mountain like a bird in the sky/
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about to jump with no wings, cause I believe I can fly!
I aint taking d** so why am I tripping?
It has to be the problems on my mind or the way that im living!
What's the difference? Here we go again" seems that I can't learn a lesson
maybe it's just me cause every second, there's another question!
Instead of standing let me sit and as the wind blows/
I lay back, looking up and see... rain dripping through the smoke!
Am I all alone? Yes/No man I dont know,
I'm so confused / all I think is what to do
In a situation like this broke rich, happy sad, on and off"
a little bit of both shiit, now I'm in the middle trying to cope with!
The way I feel, which way to go?
Should I rise and jump or reconsider just' what it is I want?
It may be just a blunt don't matter what kind long as I cough/
so I can zone out and fall into my own world.......
So Many Thoughts Hook

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