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Dark Source - If It's Cool With You lyrics

What's up ma? I saw you at the back of the club/
Looking all shy like you needed some love!
So that's why I approached with this drink in my hand/
Now relax your mind, let me see how you dance!
I'm only here every once in awhile, so do your thang/
and if it's cool then maybe we can hang ma dont be afraid.
I'm a gentleman, smooth as a babies bottom,
Now let me take a seat while poles" you go up and down 'em!
All I want is just a little bit of entertainment/
Whisper in my ear, a little louder, what you saying?
Oh, another drink? Thats cool baby, you in a stars house/
Cups turn into bottles, ya boy gone buy the bar out!
All night we keep it in chill mode......
You can get as open as you want, I aint playing forreal though!
This is me on a regular just do what you do/
Tonight you can parlay with the crew, but Only if its cool with you! Chorus
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Lets smoke mama, Chill mama, or we can drink whatever you feel"
[But only if its cool with you] repeat 4xs 2nd Verse:
I advanced her, took her to another level then she stopped dancing and wanted to chill..........
Said she wasn't down with all that attention she... just wanted to talk, baby girl was forreal....
So I took her hand led her to the chair next to me/
Now honey looking freaky like she popped a pill of ecstacy!
My n***a came through with a blunt, a blunt of some green....
How I know? Because he got it from me!
So I puffed puffed a couple times, switching up the speed/
Now Im staring at this girl the way she staring at me!
Her body language decided to speak"...... (The way that it spoke)
It paralyed me like Christopher Reeve!
Its getting crowded in the V.I.P./ I had my back against the wall like ALI
until she asked me to leave!
Honey couldnt've picked a better time, she kept me on my square,
Plus ya boy was in the mood like whatever.... [If its cool with you] Chorus

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