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Dark Order - Caravan Of d**h lyrics

Twilight approaches to a mortal dawn
A blood trail is set forth

A Puma helicopter
From Santiago station carries in entourage...

The caravan of d**h!

"Special Commando squad"
Dispatched by Pinochet on a top secret mission

Under mortal command of general Arellano
"Official delegate of the Military Government Junta"

Black Commando Force
Hatred filled minds
Armed with machine guns
Armed with "Corvo" blades
Carrying a list of names
To dispatch execution

October 4th it commenced (1973)
In Canquenes region
Four captives executed
Shot point blank in the head

16th of October
La Serena Gaol
Fifteen captives slain
Machine gunned in the chest

Copiapo prison
[Lyrics from: https:/**h.html]
October 17th
Sixteen butchered alive
Murdered with Corvo blades

October 18th
Fourteen mutilated
By submachine gun fire

Calama, Ocotber 19th on Topater Hill
26 prisoners shot and hacked to d**h

The Caravan of d**h carried out its mortiferous insidious mission
Enforcing covert military blood edict on where the Puma landed
Ma**acred cadavers lay mutilated where they fell
Violently executed without trial

Some detainees who were slain were awaiting court martial
Whilst others who were slain were already serving sentence
The majority gave themselves up, in accord to military summons
Accused of being members of socialist and communist parties
When General Arellano arrived
At a prison site
He inspected lists of the detainees
Marking selected names
Signatures them for d**h
His entourage awaits the blood trial order
Each locations base commander didn't know of the secret mission
Hierarchical escort duties denied view of the blood trial
As the entourage drove away in trucks to collect captives from prison
Who were taken to a secret location for final judgment
Colonel Arredondo, Colonel Espinoza, Major Moden Brito, Lieutenant Fernandez,
Execute the final military blood edict

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