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[Verse1: Tilique]
You keep your beef on myspace and facebook /
So when slugs reach you mothaf***as can't see what your face looks like /
Stay hidden /
I wouldn't look twice if beyonce was passin /
Just kiddin /
Like hoops I ain't goin back to my past life /
I'm laughing like cash is nice / Pen a paragraph /
This ain't that teddy pandagras turn off the lights, the ice in my chain so bright, got nothing to say, so lets tare up the club and fight cause im high rap /
I'm on my 13th apostle gospel /
Johny Knoxville when Glocks pull /
Cops is vampires for hire that spill blood /
My cuz little Kenny let you feel the gloves of a prize fighter /
Some ni**as rise lighters just to rhyme tighter /
And my lines make ni**as rise and light up nines /
Im the devil's designs /
Co-signed by allah /
Ying and yang /
I ain't forget we pick cotton and sing

From Stair case to stage minimum wage /
He said he didn't wanna see me when he was locked in a cage /
Ni**a was a sport so the sectioned him, off obituary page /
Dark Nirvana the movement /
We just tryna get paid /
My pops said when they put us in the ground, the only sound he wants to hear in the background is chuck brown /
Im not afraid /
Allah protecting us off sh** break off when guns cough /
Sons get pulled from the night time /
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And the governments designs for us to get sentenced and caught

[Verse2: Tilique]
Penagrams and peniams this malnieum falcon /
Im chewbacka /
Nowadays ni**as shoot before they box ya /
I tupacked my studio time in heaven /
Retracen my steps /
5 faces of death /
In the cypher in sessions /
Whole god control a squad, gordon's war /
My man threw down the 4/4 on the floor and saw a 7 in fulsome /
Then caught three more for having bgf at his step /
Off my step I probably pull something with a hot body /
Karate kid make moves like will smiths son son's of serphants /
Sun worship merchants of souls /
We hold scrolls of the dead sea /
And let the feds see whats on my mind like matuba barruka /
A means to an end /
Public defence and prosecutors are best friends /
A sharp shooter beyond bars Im mars /
Your Honor from Dark Nirvana /
A slaves prayer and god stares upon us /
Your parana meat if my team onrey /
You laundry lines and im dirt facts /
Hyphy gone and jerkin wack /
And motha f*** rap /
This is hip hop


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