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Dark Nirvana - War lyrics

[Verse1: Reign Eterno]
I remember at the mall recruiters was after him /
Handing out pamphlets on the bus home we'd laugh at em /
Asking em questions like maybe your folks is beefing /
Gave their favorite reason /
Don't you wanna take your girl out when it comes to weekends? /
Wolves in sheep skin /
They don't tell you if bullets hit you and cripple you /
Below the waist, you ain't gonna fill it when she kissing you /
Maybe your trying to get away before they sentence you /
War vets who can't cope lose their mind to the smoke /
Chemical warfare with no air support /
His hustle sad had a duffle bag gave me his rims /
Traded in his timbs for a military issue /
Threw up a peace sign said i'm goon miss you /
Shared our last drinks at the 49er bar off Bascom /
I couldn't find the words to ask him /
What words could be shared between men when life ends /
And when he left knew I was losing a friend /
Because his moms couldn't make ends /
Sick of holding alibis /
He came to terms and realized how hard it is to find employment and so he signed deployment /
Its war when they create prison/
Its war when they create division/
Its war when human trafficking makes people go missin/
Its war when overseas people get k**ed and no one listens

That's war what you think they made it for? /
Devil must of heard you prayin before /
k** a man first with blood thirst graves it wants more /
Cause that's war. (x2)
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[Verse2: Tilique]
My man came home from baghdad with a slug in his spine /
His helmet couldn't protect his mind from the fact that he sh** in a bag /
He was paralyzed from the waste down /
He no longer chased gowns and dresses and takes d** cause thoughts of making love to his wife depressed him /
A flap jacket no Teflon vest /
Camouflage cotton to protect /
Visions of his family he popped in the deck of a tent /
Fallin comrades tatted on his arm and he shattered /
Cause he was there and they was gone /
He sipped bears /
Talked through his tears / H
Eld the 45 to his ear /
And dared jesus to reappear and stop him /
A helicopter dropped him in hell /
A dog tag on his chain only bearing his name /
A soilders response /
His mission was marked /
Two little girls just pushin a cart across the street under heavy shells /
Suddenly blew up themselves / Hit three in the jeep /
His guns responded back with claps from the crowd /
Cut a man in half now he relaxed in the clowds /
His lieutenant was hittin his arm /
And said his moms is gon be mad /
But he never cracked jokes my man told him to relax folks /
Just then, the lieutenant took one to the throat /
Suddenly they both fell to the ground /
Like rain drops the bullets surround /
He tried to use the body as a shield /
Then he realized it was his legs that he couldn't feel/ Dam. '


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