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Dark Nirvana - WAR OF THE GODS lyrics

[Verse1: Tilique]
The meek shall inherit the earth, oliver north /
Crack disperse on the first, /
Shes lookin for her purse and id /
Broke by Sunday some say never enterin the church is where I be /
Moms tears drip like iv /
Malcolm x Martin luther dead ni**a boulevard /
Is where the gods pose like runways /
Liquor stores and slicker whores some say sent him back to the crib broke /
Even his wife and kids no he a joke /
With that double life these fake a** n**as live /
F*** that fake a** married with children sh** /
I'm the one exchanging broads like a hobby /
Empty bottles and newports /
Remain quite if your crews soft /
And if your infront of my lobby then probably /
You know them thunder cats tryna figure out where them f***en under covers at

Yo it's the war of the gods /
Some ni**as steel some rob /
I keep it money over b***hes cause I stay on my mob /
I heard satin talked to god through a blog /
But f*** it I just stay on my job (x2)

[Verse2: Tilique]
A couple of my ni**as still f*** with them e pills /
And spit out dubs at fiends /
Wilden like bloods in queens /
As the lay in between sittin on dubs and getting they provation revoked, violated /
Ni**a my lines hated / Fearin a dirty urine and your pupils dilated /
Provoked by the devils science / That still holds an alliance with grandmas god /
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F***ing with Tilique is like tryna feed Louis Farrakhan chied farva beans and hog /
Last scene, When the cops yell freeze, all I hear is on your mark get set /
I'm on some f*** time like a throw away rolex / This that purple ca**ette rap /
Malcolm Tilique's lyrics is set back /
I be putting work in like a wet back infront of home depot
And got people that'll send a f***en slug through your peep whole


[Verse3: Tilique]
Keep whores quiet supply em with nathan /
To men information is replace sin
They in the pin court casin /
They upstate sin /
That's how these ni**as get k**ed /
They go to bed pillow talking with nipple milk under neath they breath /
Repeat sin, My man chased a** in skirts /
And got jerked for some brick work by her and her brother /
Came to find out she was s**in the d*** of an undercover /
That's why I sleep with my third eye open /
These devils sin promoting /
Just a couple of shots of gin and I'm token /
On something to slow my breathin /
I'm all I have left to believing /
From birth I've entered back into earth /
Covered in dirt /
I'm just in between leaving /
Legions of demons on me /
Visions of evil pon me /
Should I do it myself? /
F*** it I'm a one man army


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