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Dark Nirvana - TOP SOULJA lyrics

[Verse1: Q Bangz]
Im in the building like rats roaches tenants and land lords /
Keep a one banger to go across yours /
I leave you stiffer than the front door you entered in /
Shells hit your frame body need a nutrimin /
No evidence its obvious you not this nice /
This verse will give you hell like the anti christ /
Leave you funny like Andrew dice /
The clay olay /
Its s.s. county homeboy /
And we don't play /
It's for real, pack protection like a slow man shield /
Bars carry more voltage then an eclectic eel /
Don't get caught speeding like a viechal on black ice /
The burner keep the palm on my iceatone /
Do what I wanna stop your barraged /
You couldn't beat me if you had a million quartes in an arcade /
Punch you soft like cake made by intimate /
Ima beat in your crib like Harry and hendersons /
Im in the benz thats eyes is bugged out /
You bug out out pull that snub out /
Duck tape your spouse put it in her mouth /
Cop back blam Sh** on her blouse /
Asking your man whats the drama about /
Livewire hooligan /
From the land of the heartless /
With ni**as who spark it /
We thugin regardless b**ch!

[Verse: Tilique]
No Disney dream, no fairy tale /
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Miss me withat mickey mouse clown shit /
Empty a round quick /
Third world /
My mom starving for food crying on kitchen counters /
My pops stacking them bills to the perfect amount of nothing /
No medallion no chain to tuck in /
Oh girl out somewhere suckin /
Keeping all ya'll ni**as cashless from ashes to ashes to dustin /
Still be emptying out my mosberg in heavin /
Aiming down busting rounds at the reverend /
Distributers and suppliers /
My ni**as leave your tims dangleing across the wires /
And I be hanging where the crooks tell stories /
And since nobody cares for me /
Tilique prays for he /
Cause Malcolm master card charge the game for no reason /
My pops a made man send you slug speeding and leave you bleeding /
B**ch Ima air to a throne / Keeping hustle unknown /
Only thing you know about me is my axe cologne /
Soon to be in your headphones getting my head blown /
Till I go on some retrone /
Climbed Jacobs later to the stars of the three kings /
And triple beamed on to a scale, that weighed enough to put my team in mansions /
Rapping be my passion /
F*** what you asking! Ni**a!

Uh ha you know what it is /
Q Bangz, Dark Nirvana, God Supreme, Tilique /
Ya Uhha you know what it is /
Young Priv Jkeys Roc-lo on the beat! (x2)

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