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Dark Nirvana - THE OATH lyrics

[Verse1: Tilique]
Remember timberlands and when jackets were averix? /
This is way before ya ni**as was f***ing special ed chicks off craigslist and paying for s** /
Now ni**as wanna get druck and play wit a tech 9 /
My pops said they used to box then shake hands, and everything would be fine /
So now I'm Mc Hammer with slugs the size of soda cans /
Whistle pa** your ear when It miss you /
And rip off the whole side of your face when it kisses you /
At 19 my life seems like each one of my breaths only brings me closer to my d**h /
I'm tryna move away from movin ya, as I walk through the valley of silicon /
My feelings on /
Getting paid beyond the hourly sallery /
Or push grams with the fam /
Or end up canned / Corcrin, a government slave the reports in /
I'm just tryna do the right thing like Mookee /
O.G.'s salute me before they shoot me /
And I end up with my name over top of a grave /
My team with them R.I.P. shirts /
My cousins and uncles and homies told me /
No matter what you do once your born in this earth, when you leave you'll be covered in dirt /
And for that my pens planet of the ape stem /
I take a pen and reshape sin /
I turn a staff into a snakes end /
I turn water into blood and make you taste gin /
I'm Sin Q , the verses Patty Herse SLA on tape then

It go contolla mite dola mite /
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Monkey hustle /
Black Russell hoodies and pea coats /
I couldn't believe folks /
A put your fist in the air, if the sh** that you hear on the radio is garbage /
Tilique gonna show you what hard is /
Dark Nirvana soon to be there where the gods live / regard less

[Verse2: Tilique]
And I don't need no applause from the block /
I'm tryna avoid the f***en claws of the cops /
Them stick up kids that put raw in your snot /
B***hes in staledos is tool kits /
Take a ni**a to the mall and spend a fool quick foolish /
Excuses and alibies /
I just move them up like satellites /
My man handle kites from a cell /
Lyrics is symbolic infamail, and since the infos well I just do it movin /
I don't got nothing to prove when I be competing with ni**as that come to losin /
Stay on repeat like syntrick /
And when sins trick /
I got b***hes that'll lick a ni**a into a f***ed up position /
Malcolm be makin moves like he missin /
But right around the corner from the block /
Elizabeth Smart but I ain't lost /
Mambo wings with the mambo sauce /
And since condos cost to me shes just a toss /
I'm futuristic Throwback and know that


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