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Dark Nirvana - Latarion Milton lyrics

[Verse1: Reign Eterno]
A Yo Tilique I played the scene and rolled the dice like monopoly /
Feds is on top of me get the f*** off my property /
Boardwalk park place they thought it was a game /
Brand my name like poverty in the hood bring pain /
Tilique and Reign got em fumbling running in new lanes /
Mumbling under breath mad that they can't do the same /
Sick of the same slave ship ish, whips and chains, gets insane, /
The f*** is wrong with my brain /
I still got a fetish got a fetish for rocking whips and chains /
Reign and Tilique spit sick slick rick and big daddy cane /
Lyrical k**az with range all we gotta do is aim / Crank the ba** up /
Lace up the track with heat speak flames /
Check the make up of my dna written in my veins /
This the wake up, for all y'all rappers trying to entertain /
Its what i do best / Hugh Hef, Harder than ever /
My arts getting better I never come false with the letters /
Partially fed up with rats trying to chomp at my cheddar /
d**h delivered quicker than liquor direct to your liver /
No piece of the cake for fakes who ain't pulling their weight /
Hate that i'm here act like its some kind of mistake /
Take this chance to bow in the presence of masters delivering messages /
Back with the essence of royalty stepping on peasants and /
Never been less than a monster with lyrics we k**ing them /
Music we bumping ain't nothing but polished who feeling him / Did it without them /
Dollars I'm bout em, a lyrical fountain I'm drowning anybody who doubt him /
I got my city on my ball cap, catch me in the all black / fall back, spit lyrical bullets until your skull crack

Yo its that hood rat sh** /
Empty out a fool clip spit /
Mothaf***as lungs is rusty /
Latarion Milton /
Aryn secret societies built him trust me /
Sometimes I despise of weed / At ease private /
Ignorance is bliss /
I be on a** and hips like a plies hit /
Knocked like a clarion deck /
Eject chicks from the car / Cold world /
You holdin your girl under aquarian stars /
Ya'll handcuffin and marrying broads /
F*** your chrome rims / We on two tone tims /
Shows out of town / We getting flown in /
Respond back sippin cognac on a plane first cla** /
Take a verse aim and disperse pa** the bullsh** /
Peace to my People lock down /
Pressin they bunks with no weapons in the trunk like T.I. /
My people smoke and leave weed in the sky /
And believe when they die the reappear /
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Like fake stones in a mothaf***as ear /
Like cubic zircons , throw away cells phones /
We chrome children / Tryna bone three rosetta stones /
In two different time zones

[Verse2: Tilique]
A look I wonder if the gods give me a try /
Ima gonna ride stupid like T.I.? /
You'sa fool if you don't think hip hops like high school /
And you could slide off of varsity just like Ja Rule /
There ain't no time to celebrate /
I'm in the room with a pen, while ya'll ni**as sippin 40's and meltin blunts straight to the face /
I'm just tryna change the way my teams living /
Our seeds is our beginning feeling like im Gene Simons way I delt on base /
Just felt on case /
And got to boxin like Johnny Cochran /
Leavin the da with no oxygen /
You know my doctrine / Words of Mike Tyson /
Every man got a plan till he get hit in the mouth /
My ni**as drop a brick in the south /
Hustlen like he got licenses /
And the wallets say bad mothaf***a /
I'm feelin like im Mos Def in ruckess /
Tryna get to them gold digging b***es f*** these cluckers /
Most of my ni**as still swiggin liquor /
And be getting mad whenever you try and take they picture, since the fictured in crime /
Cause how you gonna shake grams and be on gang land /
Contradictions is a anti-mobsters mission /
Out in dmv you could end up with the fishmen /
No more keeping the drug stash in the dorito bag over by the fence end /
And this that wired tap rap, so I could give a f** who's listening /
How the hell you ball!? /
Copin all your jwelz in a mall at a kiosk /
I'm at a mosk dark science /
Still hold an alliance with grandma's gods at odd frequencies of lower levels /
I use to compromise with the devil /
On tour with liquor stores none of my bottles eye level /
For my chain the devil compromises metal /
I was luke warm till god ask me to recruit for him /
Said I'd get back to him /
Later showed up with a pen, was like na, but ill shoot for him /
So now my lyrics is pourin like white Russian /
And I could give a f*** about your fake-up watch and ice crushin /
Your life lustin / I spit sh** into existence that you're never touchin /
Young mc I'm Teflon /
My ni**as pump like Exxon with x on em /
And I could see the d**h on em


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