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Dark Nirvana - HIDDEN POWERS lyrics

[Verse1: Tilique]
I was Anthony Carmello with the smooth moves as an adolescent /
Feelin like its gonna be those days like J with d**h jam he done slept in /
Layin mothaf***as down like the best western / Shade sin like blinds at days in /
My distilled lines done made gin / My complection is like I was bathed in henn /
Contact a bottle of cognac / Take Shaniqua to the interpirze rental and bring blonds back /
Digable planets /
Cool like that /
The fonz rap /
My ni**as clap in a track steel /
Ex-con, X men, Magneto /
Confessions in hail marys /
Aries in my spit stars until the constellation exist /
I'm the dog Sh** these ni**as done stepped in /
Still shine in the club sneakin techs in /
Checks from hogs in suits /
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Txt message from god salute /
He talked to satin through a blog /
The truth is beyond the rays of omen-raw /
He heard kanye was walkin with jesus and got robbed for a chain /
And since the streets ain't safe, god asked if he could dwell in my brain /
So I yell his name /
Allah for a blessing /
No more movin bags like wallah /
Heroine lines that grab ya like a sopena /
I stare at my life like dice when a dreamer hits 13 in vegas /
I'm worth seeing like a feind when he throws his whole team on the pipe /
I'm mean like mr. T without the Mohawk and skinny jeans on mikes /
Perhaps it's the fact that I spit hot fire / Dylon / Octane sippin /
Label trippin / 6 digits, im insane tippin / Tippin scales / 80's c**aine scales mission /
So its no more freestyling on the couch now /
And when I crouch down /
I can hear the snakes hissing / Listen !

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