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Dark Nirvana - COOLEY HIGH lyrics

[Verse 1: Tilique]
You know hallow tips rhome in my streets /
Find the home into an innocent little kids dome /
Breached a little girl jumping rope until the white meets showing /
Made moves on crack houses /
Relaxed on couches /
Emptied out ounces /
Im never denouncing how the next mans living /
Supreme went to prisin /
Perhaps it's the fact that sh** went bad around the time caddilac made jeep /
He told me to be on my jesse james / T
Wo sick Shooters and lyrics saddle rap /
I couldn't handle the fact that I knew he was never gonna grow to be an old man /
He said the world is yours and the universe is ours /
And one day you'll sleep with the stars and have a fleet of cars like birdman/
If you stick to movin words and never observe grams /
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Grams and quarters /
So when Glocks pull I observe like Ted Koppel /
12th disciple /
Mossberg rifles in heaven /
My mind is a smart weapon /
Roc lo said he gon shine with a tech in the club /
Crip and blood color k-swiss /
Nip tuck lyrics that facelift ni**as in the cipher /
Dicypher decoder rings in your cereal box /
Im imperial like shots of loui the 13th /
My birth is my d**h that's in sink with gods timing /
Im cool with this rhyming like Frankie lymon in my sinus /
Cece there's no whining in my heart /
When the skies complexion Bacardi dark ill meet you /
And when I write, ill reach you / like satellites/
Turn your mike to a babies rattle /
Then I hand it to my sons when I'm done like

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