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Dark Lo - Dope lyrics

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I hope your kids catch lupus, I probably seen more dope than Frank Lucas, never told them philly n***as ruthless, .17 Ruger stuffed in my true fits, I'll let it off thats true sh**, Put work in your hood you won't do sh**, I'm trnya buy a house every 2 flips, when this sh** in my hand you do 2 flips, just waking up me and 2 chicks, getting money til' I die never too rich, just bought a tre pound came with 2 clips, papi said he paying rent I gave em' 2 strips, took the pressure off them n***as they was too b**h, we can put the guns down and use 2 fists, and tonight I might die I give 2 sh**s, and why Big & Pun die they was too sick, they probably flipping in they grave, all this bullsh** rap and it's getting played, go to school youngin' get straight A's, or work for me youngin' watch for the Raids, I'm standing frontline yelling "bring it on", I probably seen more dope than Nicky Bonz, Never told you can put that on my moms, I think the Feds put a bug on my line, sh** real n***a it's the end of times, couple Arabs strapped up with bombs, got the government f**in' with ya mind, man-made hearing K's n***a read the signs, I got my leather on cooler than the Fonz, she got her naked on a** in my palms, my little cousins in the county fighting' dram, they can't believe i'm in the stu' writin' rhymes, for they left it was guns and hurrans, broad day shootings, the blind lead the blind, tre blocks God strike me if I'm lying, I might pull out and strike you with the iron, now you laying in an ambulance, we both had guns I had the drop you ain't have a chance, walked up to your girl like "can I have this dance", then we f**ed all night like she ain't have a man....

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