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Dark Lo - Testers lyrics

[Verse 1: Dark Lo]
I mean my n***as move so malicious
Trey pound, shell catcher. It was no ballistics
I'm just cooking up a cake and it's so delicious
I used a pot and a plate. I'ma do my dishes
Lil' stink breath rapper. You was never active
Alleyways, side block. You was never back there
Used to wear burberry, n***a that was last year
Nowadays caught a Royce. Slacks and jack Kashmir
I'm just chasing my loss. Yeah you was getting chased in the yard, p**y (s**a a**)
Four pound that's my waist trainer
I remember in the county I had two detainers
I remember shooting guns trying to get my name up
I remember close friends and how them cowards changed up
I remember drinking eight to the face
I remember catching case after case

(Interlude: Dark Lo)
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I'm home now. I wanna thank y'all for your support. Y'all are too kind. Sit down, sit down, sit down. Let me get back to this sh** though

[Verse 2: Dark Lo]
Now it's rioting in South Baltimore
Cops k**ing black men, that's gonna start a war
It's Ron Harvey, Rick Fox, Dark Lo Shakur
Stash box, two Glocks. Everything secured
God help us, god help us
The devil is alive. It's no shelter
You got to play the cards that he dealt ya
n***a ever try to play Lo, I'ma melt ya
You see I, see no limits
CI briefcase, young n***a finished
I get caught with a gun it's no T.I sentence
I'm a North Philly heavyweight, B.Y Jennings
I'm on a date with my chick live jazz band
I'm on that Erie Ave sh**, drinking trash cans
But y'all n***as probably now me from the Badlands
Your chick know me by my raps, I'm a bad man

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