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Dark Lo - Graveyard Edition lyrics

[Verse 1: Dark Lo]
It's no love, n***as prolly hate me
I give my youngings burners tell 'em break off the safety
Aim, shoot, reload, never move shakey
I did a year in the hole, and still couldn't break me
Came home, surrounded by some s**er sh** lately
Red bone, light eyes, this chick wanna date me
Took her to the Char House, on the way she ate me
Prolly be a n***a that I love gonna snake me
I'm out AC, chilling, side-betting
I lost like 5 grand less than 5 seconds
That's petty change, break bread with my brethren
Ain't sh** change, keep an automatic weapon
Two left feet and you still half stepping
It's sixteen thousand if you need half a section
So smooth but I move with aggression
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And got a new connect, dirt cheap, and he Mexican
That's the realest sh** ever
My guns get cleaned then my coke gets measured
Shooters on go they don't fold under pressure
Guns gonna blow, I send 'em through, my pleasure
We give testers, new dope, new stamp, OBH gang, Black Mafia, new branch
It's Ron Harvey, shoot up your party
Pull out my dick and piss on you like Arty
The pound seven is an FN
All boot knife in the jail make you check in
I seen a n***as shoulders touch, when his chest bent
Due to the slugs out the 50 cal Weston
He was on his phone texting
When them n***as crept him and sent him to the [?]
You talking bout grimy bars I'm the best in
Line them n***as up, I'll run through your best [?]

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