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Dark Lo - Funeral Muzik lyrics

[Verse 1: Dark Lo]
f** that, k** everybody

Lil bro locked up
Baby moms knocked up
My close friend shot up
World full of stress
Fell then I got up
s**a n***as not us
Philly so hot, make you wanna shoot a cop up
Go ahead n***a cop up, I'ma hold the block up
First n***a play, Walahi he getting glocked up
Now the n***a boxed up, ridin' to a ditch
50 cars and back, he got caught up in the mix
When he shot n***as, and he thought he was invincible
He a dumb n***a, he don't know about the principles
They should'a taught him, back street, caught him
Gave him everything, out the clip of that 40
I was a shorty, used to cop quarters
Kept a tre-eight, send you through rigamortis
You n***as scoreless, I'm up by a hundred
Best shape of my life, tell me who want it
Question for a body, won't tell ‘em who done it
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I f** her real good till she feel it in her stomach
I was the youngest, running with the OGs
Giving n***as wiggys, fall back you don't know me
AR, he really run Philly
I'm standing right next to him, two mac milly's
Hit you in the chest, you do two back wheelies
n***a we up next, ball hard no Achilles, wow
This that her-oin sh**
You might get addicted n***a stick to the script
Lil white tee, seven jeans, fresh kicks
Fresh cut guarantee your chick on my dick homie
I used to go to store for n***as
Got a little older now I pick a war with n***as
Catch him while he slipping, Sig Sauer n***as
Talk real slick something like a lawyer n***a, yeah
I got one for the three
Prolly Gucci down, my b**h in Louis V
If sh** get tight I'm going out like Cool C
But I'm weighing up zones nothing like a two three, get it
Play your cards or let your hands fold
My chick on standby, tights on [?]
Ever since my mans died, long clip Rambo
I'm up by a landslide, the strip where the grams go

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