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Dark Lo - Damn Near lyrics

[Bridge: Lik Moss]
OBH sh**
These n***as damn near broke
I'm damn near rich
The Transition
Let this sh** rock

[Hook: Lik Moss]
I'm getting money, f** a b**h
Damn near
They want 40 for a brick
Damn near
I'll make you scratch off the whip
Damn near
I'm half way to being rich
Damn near
See they want to see me down
Damn near
Cause they know I run the town
Damn near
All them other dudes clown
Damn near
OBH gat the crown
Damn near

[Verse 1: Lik Moss]
I'm unbreakable, bendable, foldable
Move on my own accord
I'm incontrollable
You get a hold of you
Thinking I ain't as cold as you
As soon as I get a hold of you check shot
I'm folding you
Head shot
I'm offing him
He's not a gun
Moss that played ball
But he's not the one
Moss I play hard
He's not for fun
I know they're praying god or please stop my run
I'm to quite
I'm hot admit
Look at these flies and I'm not the sh**
Look at them
I know they hate what I do
They go hard but still don't make what I do
OBH put your [...] in my crew
100% real can't fake what I do
Want my spot let me state what I do
I'mma eat, you can scrap the whole plate when I'm through
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[Hook: Lik Moss]

[Verse 2: P90 Smooth]
P on the day and I was damn near shook
They [...] dirty on
I was damn near booked
That body that I left
It was damn near found
This weed ain't Reggie but it's damn near loud
Took 10 Percocet now I'm damn near fried
You don't do it like me
You only damn near high
This work I gat is damn near raw
That work you gat men it damn near low
Wanna break 4 grand what it damn near cost
Put it all on the block and damn near run
Call a shot back up cause I'm damn near done
Went to court last month now it's damn near trial
My young boy getting money and I'm damn near proud
Gat a gun on his waist and he's damn near wild
50 grand in a week is what I damn near make
That Gucci belt you gat is damn near fake

[Hook: Lik Moss]

[Verse 3: Dark Lo]
Dance with the devil
Match on the medal
Rubber band, but it's gla** on the bezzle
I'm in the hood, probably smoking ciggarelos
With a chick and she batted in camelos
Talk loud, but you ain't gonna do sh**
4 5 fit perfect in my true fist
Free Ab shirt, laying with my new kicks
No, we don't f** hommie, she's just too thick
Get money, damn near
All k**ers, round here
k** my man, I k** you
Now that sound fair
The kilo shape was a round square
You better off trying to fight a brown bear
Walk in the stoo
Might smoke a pound here
Catch you in the back room
One down stairs
If you ain't buying, why's you around here
Don't you know dead bodies get found here

[Hook: Lik Moss]

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